Cygany Death Records 1786-1839

Parish Miechocin has been difficult for my research. My ancestors who came from Cygany actually left in the 1870s and immigrated to the Russian partition of Poland, which is where in the village of Potok-Stany, my great-grandmother Stanisława “Stella” Piwińska was born. After finding out her side of the family tree came from the villages just north of the villages my great-grandfather’s family came from, I thought it would be easy. Same area, same type of records, right? Nope.

Miechocin is a very large parish with a very long history. And because of it being a large parish, supposedly some of the records have disappeared. The parish eventually split off in to smaller parishes in the 20th century and the records supposedly moved from St Mary Magdalene to the new church. However, this is still yet to be determined if it happened.

Parafia Rzymskokatolicka pod wezwaniem
Świętej Jadwigi Królowej
[Roman Catholic Parish dedicated to St Hedwig the Queen], built 1983 in Cygany

In the meantime, the State Archive in Sandomierz has obtained some records, one of them the Cygany deaths between the years 1786 and 1839. This has been wonderful because the other Cygany records I know of begin in 1826 at the Archdiocesan Archive in Przemyśl. The original books have been scanned and uploaded to Genbaza (AP Kielce > AP Sandomierz > Miechocin > Chmielów Parafia > 1786-1839).

I have also posted the index on Geneteka, however not all details and information is posted there.

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