Parish Kolbuszowa: Kolbuszowa Marriages, 1791-1859

I have mentioned in previous posts that I’ve been busy indexing. It’s been a great way to pass the early part of the Spring when it’s still too cold to be outside for long stretches. It’s been a beautiful Spring and I know just how lucky we are to have this. This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous – 70 degrees fahrenheit and a gentle breeze. I even pulled the grill out onto the patio!

A few weeks ago, I posted the index to Werynia marriages. I had started indexing Kolbuszowa last year but had put it aside to focus on other villages. I decided to come back and finish, and I am sure glad I did!

In these records, I found the marriage of Melchior Markiewicz and Tekla Jabłońska. Why is this important? While I’m not related, I know quite a few people who are descendants of this family. Melchior and Tekla settled in Tarnowska Wola in the early 1800s but because the village was only established in the first few years of the 19th century, they weren’t from there.

marriage record of Melchior Markiewicz and Tekla Jabłońska, 28 Sep 1801

Family Group Record of Melchior Markiewicz:

Alright, back to Kolbuszowa and the marriage index:

Visit to search the NEW index!

It is very possible I may have some typos; my apologies. The original records this index was made from are the records available at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT. The Genealogical Society of UT was able to visit the Archdiocesan Archive in Tarnów and microfilm these records.

Please make sure you can get outside and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather. Please continue to be safe – COVID is still a threat; if and when you can get a vaccine, please do. And as always, happy researching!


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