Parish Wielowieś: Wielowieś Births, 1877-1898

It’s been a great weekend – the weather is starting to show it’s spring, my raspberry bushes are starting to grow some leaves, and I got my second COVID vaccine! Two more weeks and I’m at 90%+ efficacy against the virus.

On to genealogy though…

Growing up, I would hear my grandpa talk about the Biernat family (our family pronounced the surname like Beer-knot but others in the community would pronounce it as Brrr-net) from Poland who also settled in Minneapolis, MN. There were three boys were immigrated: Michael, Peter and Adam. Michael married my grandfather’s aunt Mary, Peter married my grandfather’s great-aunt Victoria, and Adam was… Adam (I’ll get around to telling his story one day).

The Biernat boys had immigrated from parish Wielowieś to Minneapolis in the early 1900s. While they came from the village of Koćmierzów, I found an elder brother’s birth, as well as some cousins, in the village of Wielowieś.

The birth of the Biernat boys’ eldest brother, Michał, born 13 Sep 1882 in Wielowieś and died 7 Oct 1884.

The Biernat’s are part of my FAN club – family, associates and neighbors – and thus, it was important for me to index the records that are available.

Visit to search the NEW index!

These records have also been uploaded to Geneteka, if that is your preferred place to search.

I’ll continue to index parish Wielowieś, as thanks to DNA, I am also related to either the Biernat or Rutyna family (still trying to determine which)! The connection goes back to the 1700s but knowing these records are a good start.

As a side note, and to whet your appetite until I get around to telling more about the Biernat’s, check out this article that was published in the Northeaster Newspaper in 2019.

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